Notas de prensa del día 5/3/2015

  • Join the ThermoTent Press Conference Online: ThermoTents turn any campsite into the Ritz

    Start-ups in action news - 02 de May, 2015 por VOS-ESPANA

    You are invited to learn more during our MEET The Creator, of ThermTent Red Carpet Premier and Press Conference Online. Derek O'Sullivan, will share his entrepreneurial story.San Francisco, CA, April 29, 2015 - ThermoTents are made of three unique, highly breathable layers, Thermo Tent's inner chamber regulates the tent's interior temperature and keeps it super comfortable in the sweltering sun or the frigid cold - plus its acoustic design gives occupants unheard of privacy!  Made of top quality...

  • Nikola Teslas Work Lives On Through a Lineage of Dedicated Scientists

    Start-ups in action news - 02 de May, 2015 por VOS-ESPANA

    Nikola Tesla would want you to join our open source project to create the Multiuse Communication System. Introducing the Tesla Open Source Project: “The next Internet that is of, from and for the earth. Learn more and support our open source project and crowdfunding campaign. “There is no accepted explanation of the most extraordinary phenomena (energy) in nature." Nikola TeslaSan Francisco, CA, April 30, 2015 - Meet Dr George Friebott and what he explains about his Mentor, who was Tesla's...

  • Cestas de productos gourmet personalizadas

    La Cabaña del Gourmet, S.C - 02 de May, 2015 por La Cabaña del Gourmet

    Próximamente pondremos a disposición de nuestro clientes desde nuestra página web un nuevo servicio ideal para cuando se presenta una ocasión especial en la que debemos hacer un regalo. Con nuestro servicio para la creación de cestas personalizadas de productos gourmet, podrás crear tu propia cesta de productos completamente a tu gusto. Podrás elegir los productos de tu cesta de entre nuestro extenso catálogo de productos que hará las...