Notas de prensa del día 5/14/2017

  • New Database Helps Identify Immunologic Therapies That Often Cure Cancer. - 13 de May, 2017 por VOS-ESPANA

    Cancer starts when some of a person’s cells become cancerous. New drug therapies re-program a patient’s own cells so they will become tumor-specific cells that destroy the cancerous cells., a new database, will include hundreds of success stories where patients have had treatments and are alive despite a terminal diagnosis. Names of doctors, hospitals, and immunologic therapies will be included. Carlsbad, CA, May 12, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ - is pleased to...

  • Come follow the path to Zenmundi Designs for new aroma diffusers for essential oils

    Zenmundi designs - 13 de May, 2017 por VOS-ESPANA

    Zenmundi Designs Zen = enlightened Mundi = world, a natural mineral, and stone artisan company announced the addition of aroma diffusers to the product line. The Zen-sational Zen-essential Zen-scent-ial aroma diffusers can be worn as jewelry or kept close on a desk or shelf. Add a favorite essential oil to the diffuser to provide stress relief, comfort, and empowerment throughout the day. See the new product line here: Zen-sational Zen-essential aroma diffusers at, OH, May 12, 2017...

  • La historia de Trendhim y sus valores fundamentales

    Trendhim - 14 de May, 2017 por saratrendhim

    Todas las buenas historias comienzan por el principio, pero puede que no a las cuatro de la mañana. Dos jóvenes daneses con espíritu aventurero cuentan su experiencia