Our inflatable transparent bubble tent is very easy to be installed and take down to move around,it is much cheap than solid building. Also our inflatable tent can be vey beautiful, you can install lights inside to make it be a prismy lighting tent. All of our inflatable marquee is very safe, even tent is broken by accident, it will fall down very slowly, so people inside have enough time to get out,and also you can repair it during this time.

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  • The bubble tent a  essential tools for holiday .The school occasions are at long last here and that implies: quality time to go through with your children. Unwinding time ideally, at the shoreline or in the recreation center.   What about outdoors where the evergreens go after the skies, and where every so often you can see a wild deer snacking without end on the inadequate grass that develops in the few spots where the sun touches the ground. Watch dead leaves drift...