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bubbletent - Friday, August 10, 2018.
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For Inflatable tent bubble, there nothing like getting out there and enjoy, the magnificent views that can be enjoyed as you venture out off the beaten path. Nevertheless camping out with tents is last hundred years, pertaining to it’s simple to benefit from the joys regarding 360 degrees of view discovering around the clock, Exactly how, simply by camping out inside clear bubble covering. The normal pattern occurs including convenient wardrobes, couches, roll-out mattresses and in some cases optional electrical power pertaining to lights.



It may be effortlessly mounted with events, areas, amusement stores, backyard, gardens. Low cost water bubble lodge pertaining to outside camping out in addition to beach front sight-seeing.


The bubble comes with a blower that requires a small amount of energy to blow up the bubble. It is safe and once punctured by accident, it deflates slowly, giving you time to vacate and repair it. You will only need soap and water to clean it.

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Our inflatable transparent bubble tent is very easy to be installed and take down to move around,it is much cheap than solid building. Also our inflatable tent can be vey beautiful, you can install lights inside to make it be a prismy lighting tent. All of our inflatable marquee is very safe, even tent is broken by accident, it will fall down very slowly, so people inside have enough time to get out,and also you can repair it during this time.

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