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Cadysport - Wednesday, October 24, 2018.
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The black version of UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultra BOOST4.0 was officially released shortly, and the white version was confirmed by UNDEFEATED CEO Eric Peng Cheng on Instagram. The white version was exposed at the end of last year. The color scheme is just the opposite of black. The all-white shoes are black with the words "UNDE" and "FEATED" on the left and right uppers. The "5 Stripes" logo is named. In addition to the black version that was exposed last month, the Los Angeles street brand UNDEFEATED and adidas' joint UltraBOOST 4.0 will also be available in an all-white color scheme. As you can see from the first screen of the network, the white version is designed in the same way as the former. The body is made of Primeknit with a new texture. The synthetic material is added to the toe and the UNDEFEATED logo is printed on the left and right shoes. Above the face, you can also see the Logo embellishment on both sides of the tongue and insole.

After the birth of BOOST technology, adidas successfully achieved the cornering in the field of running shoes. At present, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black White meritorious shoes have been introduced to the UltraBOOST 4.0 version, and this time it has exposed the strength of joint color matching. Relatively speaking, UltraBOOST 4.0 has a relatively low level of exposure on the Internet, but fans who own it must know the convenience in performance and matching. It is worth noting that this new color matching of UltraBOOST 4.0 is UNDEFEATED, which can be found in addition to the logo. In addition to the sexual footwear type, black and white has become the main design feature, especially with the UNDEFEATED brand letters embellished directly to the value of the purchase of single items, combined with BOOST technology to ensure wearing performance, this double color is still worth buying.

It is rumored that Undefeated and adidas jointly launched in March this year, Ultra Boost has been exposed for a long time, and today Yeezy Mafia is again exposed, the two sides will bring Nike Air Vapormax 2.0 Sakura Pink two new colors in this autumn and winter season, really look forward to! A black ash creates Undefeated familiar camouflage elements, while a light color adds branded fonts to the body frame, which is unique and full of personality. After the joint name with Nike's super hot shoe AirMax 97, this time Undefeated found adidas for another big joint. Like Nike's co-branded name, Undefeated also chose the brand's classic adidas UltraBOOST as the design blueprint, and this time it is the latest UltraBOOST 4.0 as the main axis, and the black Undefeated logo is printed on the pure white linear Primeknit. Contrast makes people see the joint status at a glance, and the combination of black and white also makes it difficult to wear.

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