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Cadysport - Sunday, September 30, 2018.
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Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 White,What the hell is going on? Landry is puzzling, isn't it a wrist and a second dribble? The black boy thought he was very covert but still got the foul that the referee sent."Landry, poor child, you still go home to eat milk! ncaa is not for you!" Van Gundy was happy in the commentary, I can't think of this person in the NCAA game, it is really big. Open your eyes, silly boy, take the referee uncle as the air!Luo Yun stood in the field and looked at the strange face of Landry. He suddenly burst into laughter. He had already prepared himself for his death. His own defense would be bad, but he couldn’t stand the other side. It was really interesting. It is.

Adidas Falcon W YUNG-2 Dark Grey, "Hey!" Luo Yun stepped forward and patted Landry's shoulder and comforted him: "Don't be too concerned about the buddy, just pay attention to it next time!" After a smile, he was ready to turn and leave."Yellow-skinned monkey, you don't have to fake it here, Laozi must blow the chrysanthemum in the explosion!" Landry suddenly slammed after hearing the words of Luo Yun, and the stinky boy's teeth were sharp, really not a good thing.Luo Yun heard the sound suddenly reincarned, while laughing and running towards the backcourt: "The nigga, if you go to the brain, you can definitely take the Oscar winner!"

Nike Air Max 270 Grey Pink ,Due to Landry's foul, the ball was exchanged into the hands of ucla. Power forward Keef James served on the bottom line, and then the whole team went down. Landry was obviously consuming with Luo Yun, and the silly boy was stunned. Stop cursing the little guy in front of you"Hey, I want to pass you!" Luo Yun's brow up, revealing a bad smile, snarling against Landry."Yellow-skinned monkeys don't like it, you don't want to go from me today!" Landry was undecided about Luoyun's words and spread his arms to block Luoyun's offensive line.

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