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: popular big computer glasses, so a lot of teenagers will be the pursuit of fashion, and even spend high price to match a more exaggerated, fashion big frame glasses. Director Chen excuse me, does this price is high and fashion glasses good glasses, the glasses for the vision of teenagers have what effect computer eyewear?

Many people feel that the big frame computer glasses is a kind of fashion, is likely to hurt our eyes. The glasses made of optical computer eyeglasses parameters such as center distance is not in conformity with the actual distance of the eye, the deviation from the correct position. Small distance and high myopia especially not suitable for big frame glasses, because the lens, the greater the optical range the more difficult to match the eye distance, produces the prism effect, the higher the myopic degree lens edge thick and heavy, on the bridge of the nose is also a kind of burden, long wear, easy to cause reading glasses for computer use visual fatigue, cause dizziness rise, affect vision health. So must wear glasses according to their face, their degree to reasonable computer eyewear choice.

The rise of taobao, has allowed the electrical contractor to develop, also more and more extensive. Glasses for saving money in order to save trouble, some people look to the Internet, choose cheap glasses online, but online glasses is what are the risks, how to detect whether accord with a standard with glasses?

First of all, I do not advocate personal online glasses for this practice. Because it doesn't have a formal process, often can't get a suitable fitting solution, so can't make eyesight effectively correct, there is no guarantee that wear comfortable and durable computer glasses, clear vision. If want to debug, and business communication may be more trouble. For wearing glasses comfortable is not suitable for yourself, we can to a large degree of professional ophthalmic hospital to check his lens and the degree of optometry list are consistent, lens optical center is consistent with their distance.


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