Why is the Cubaaz Platform Unique?

Cubaaz Press - Saturday, March 10, 2018.
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The Cubaaz platform has been heralded as a specialized platform that has come into the world of tourism to make a big difference that will change how travels are planned and executed by both users and suppliers. As a unique and unprecedented travel search engine, Cubaaz offers its users an unrivaled opportunity to carry out several transactions on a single platform.

Users can search and find the best deals on car rentals, air tickets, hotels, restaurants, vacation homes, taxis, chauffeurs, and so on through the Cubaaz platform. Even without leaving this platform, they can pay for the deals without much stress. This will be the first time that such one-stop platform will be available in the travel industry; hence, the platform is undoubtedly going to change the face of the industry.

Nevertheless, this new platform would have never been possible without the power of Big Data, Collective Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technologies. In varying ways, these technologies have been working collectively to ensure that Cubaaz establishes this new platform and revolutionizes the travel industry.

Apart from the aforementioned conditions and technologies, certain factors have established Cubaaz as a unique platform everyone should gladly welcome into the travel industry. These factors include:

·        Transactions on the Cubaaz platform come with bank-level security

The Cubaaz believes that keeping the data of every transaction safe and secure is a key to overseeing a successful business; therefore, it prioritizes the methods that will keep data away from the prying eyes of hackers and others. Using public-key cryptography, Cubaaz makes sure that only parties involved directly in any transaction will be able to get access to its details. Therefore, the data are protected from being accessed by third parties. Also, the transactions are immutable, even for the parties involved; hence, all transactions are not only safe from third parties, but they are also transparent and cannot be modified by any party.

·        Users will not experience downtime

The time and effort lost due to downtime can be highly significant to the businesses of travel suppliers as well as users. Cubaaz understands how significant the losses are; therefore, the platform will be deployed on varying public blockchains that will ensure that transactions can be executed at any time of the day. The user can rest assured of the possibility of searching, finding and paying for any travel services on the Cubaaz platform without delays.

·        Transactions encourage Blockchain-enabled B2B

The Cubaaz platform functions through the power of a strong relationship between travel suppliers and buyers. Therefore, the platform has been designed with only a few rules that both customer-centric suppliers and buyers can comply with. This is one of the many ways through which Cubaaz encourages both travel suppliers and buyers to join the platform for seamless, fast and effective transactions.

·        Users can enjoy near real-time transactions

If you have ever executed travel deals on many platforms, you would have experienced how slow transactions can be on them. Cubaaz platform comes with a fully automated system that does not require human approval before travel suppliers and buyers can execute transactions. Rather than depending on a third-party to approve the transactions, the system has been integrated into the reservation systems of any travel supplier that is part of the Cubaaz platform. Resultantly, through the aid of the Cubaaz platform, buyers and suppliers can finalize any transactions within a few seconds.

Considering the essence of these factors in providing users of the tourism industry improved and more friendly experiences, Cubaaz can be rightly said to be the platform that has arrived to provide the changes to the industry. Despite the significant differences that Cubaaz will bring into the industry at the commencement of its operations, the platform is not done yet! It has promised to provide more satisfying services that will make it become the number 1 platform that facilitates travels around the world. Visit the official website of Cubaaz or read its white paper to see the roadmap of the platform for the improvement of its services in the coming years.

The ICO of the Cubaaz platform is still going on, and you can be a part of this great platform that will change the travel industry by investing in this ICO

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The Cubaaz Project aims to create the first research engine specializing in the tourism industry, using and combining for the first time all the advantages of the latest technologies such as: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Collective Intelligence, Blockchain and Crypto-currencies.? The benefits for users will consist of a single web portal (platform) and a mobile application (iOS and Android) options for any type of tourist booking solution.

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