Chinese Academy of Sciences Developed GaN Based UV Laser

Haitianli - Friday, December 23, 2016.
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In December 14, 2016, the Institute of semiconductors of State Key Laboratory of Integrated Optoelectronics researcher Zhao Degang team developed a GaN based UV laser. GaN is called the third generation semiconductor, has been widely used in the field of microelectronics and optoelectronics, has important application value in GaN based UV green laser pointer curing, UV sterilization and other fields, is the focus of international research. The technical difficulty of UV laser based on GaN, the only Japanese Nichia Corporation and a handful of units of products or research reports. The successful development of UV laser is another important progress after the breakthrough of GaN based blue and green laser in China.

Professor Zhao Degang led the team's long-term commitment to GaN based optoelectronic materials and devices research on material growth mechanism, material physics and device physics have their own understanding and understanding, and solved the key problems of a series of lasers: Mastering the methods of suppressing local state regulation and the defect of InGaN quantum well, the luminous efficiency is improved; the the compensation mechanism of carbon impurities, to obtain the high quality p-GaN materials; design of device structure optimization, reduce the absorption loss and electron leakage; the physical mechanism of variable range hopping, realized p-GaN good ohmic contact; solve the problem of substrate warping homoepitaxial growth, using MOCVD device structure of high quality. On this basis, with the Suzhou Institute of nano technology cooperation, finally realized the room temperature electrical GaN UV laser injection laser. A width of 10 m, the cavity length of the burning laser pointer threshold current density of 600 m 1.6-2.0 kA/cm2, the lasing wavelength of 392-395 nm, continuous mode optical output power up to 80 mW. Figure 1 shows the lasing wavelength ultraviolet laser, figure 2 is a P-I curve, figure 3 for ultraviolet lasing according to blue fluorescence spot on the formation of copy paper (UV eyes not see ultraviolet laser according to the copy paper will emit blue fluorescence).

The work has been supported by the national key research and development program, the National Natural Science Foundation, the science challenge program, the Chinese Academy of Sciences hundred projects support.

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