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Haitianli - Friday, March 3, 2017.
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Laser cutting machine is the level of the laser beam emitted by the 45 ° total reflection mirror into a vertical down the laser beam, after the lens gathered in the focus at the focus into a very small spot in the spot at the focus of the laser And the power density is as high as 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 9W / cm ^ 2. In the focus of the workpiece by high power density 10mw laser pointer beam shine, will occur more than 10000 ° C part of the high temperature, so that an instant vaporization of the workpiece, and then cooperate to help cut the gas will vaporize the metal blown away, so the workpiece cut through Into a very small hole, with the movement of CNC machine tools, numerous small holes connected to become cut to shape. Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, so each hole is very smooth interface, cut out of the high quality of goods.

laser pointer

Marking is critical for medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry, enabling product tracking and identification to combat counterfeit products. Often, people use inks to print labels. In recent years, the use of infrared laser marking. However, these methods are inadequate. Ultraviolet diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSS) are truly overcoming the drawbacks of other technologies, but they are rarely used in the past because of their high cost. But the cost of investment and purchase costs significantly reduced, so that UV 300mw laser pointer marking to attract more medical attention. This article reviews the characteristics of ultraviolet laser marking and demonstrates the application of ultraviolet laser marking in some medical and pharmaceutical industries.

In the laser room, Staufer and Reiter through the monitor to observe the process. "We spent a whole week hand-welding the racks outside, and then we were determined to improve efficiency," says Reiter. "He soon discovered that laser welding is the right solution. "This welding process is much faster because we only need a welding, unlike arc welding must be completed little by little, and we can use 400mw laser pointer preheating material, automatic processing is also easier to ensure quality." Therefore, he will As a solution, as solution A, he also prepared a solution B - with the traditional MAG welding robot with the automatic solution. "But scenario B requires preheating and subsequent stress relief heat treatment," says Reiter, so no one wants to use Option B. But there is a big problem with Option A, as Staufer says: "We have delivered more than a hundred lasers, but the thickest sheet before is only 10mm."

However, the laser welding machine is a new welding method, mainly for thin-walled materials, fine parts of the welding, to complete the spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, aspect ratio, weld width, heat The welding area is small, the deformation is small, the welding speed is fast, the welding seam is flat and beautiful. After welding, it needs no treatment or simple treatment. The welding seam has high quality and no stomata, can be controlled accurately, small spot of gathering, high positioning accuracy and easy completion. automation. It uses high-energy 500mw laser pointer pulse on the data within a small area of the partial heating, the energy of laser radiation through the heat transfer to the internal diffusion of data, the data will melt into a specific pool.

Laser marking is a non-contact marking method that avoids contamination problems and eliminates the need for consumable costs. In addition, laser marking usually supports small print area has a high contrast and high-resolution markers, and can be applied to curved or wavy surface. Laser marking usually uses CO2 or solid-state burning laser in infrared radiation. The marking process itself is a thermal process in which the material is heated until it becomes white, carbonized or ablated to produce a color contrast. Almost all plastics directly absorb far-infrared CO2 output heat, and sometimes the use of absorbent additives, coupled with near-infrared solid-state lasers to promote this process. However, heating can alter the chemical structure of the HAZ material and cause some surface irregularities. This will give the bacteria a place to go, and difficult to clean.

In Pasching, Staufer and Reiter began to view a variety of machine tools. They are in front of the workpiece on the tray, the crane is to help workers to the sheet metal on the table in the right place, the whole process takes two hours. This sounds complicated, but is relatively processing components, which in fact is already a very fast solution. The positioner then moves along the rail to the blue laser pointer safety room. When the welding robot is in place, the worker moves to the other end of the safety room and clips the next frame onto the second workbench. "With this system, we can weld more than 20 racks per week," says Stiter. "We have been able to use this soldering process to handle different orders," says Reiter.

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