Shanghai Hardrock Drills Co.,Ltd is located in Shanghai, who is dedicated in designing and manufacturing the drilling rigs. The rigs have been widely used in water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing, mine exploration, foundation drilling, geothermal drilling, etc.

Our drilling rigs are easy to set up, operate as well as maintain. And we always put the quality on the top. We use the 3-d software to design and FEA software for simulation to insure our products are strong enough, but not overdesigned to reduce cost.  Every individual component is inspected and each machine is tested carefully by our quality people before shipping to customer.

Shanghai Hardrock Drills Co.,Ltd has a powerful technical force and fine equipment, it’s leading in the products design, workmanship and production capability, it’s capable to design, manufacture, and assure the quality of whole series of drilling rigs. The products are sold to over thirty countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Shanghai Hardrock Drills has been ISO9001 quality system and national CCC certification approved.

We are dedicating to BUILD TRUST with customer and find new ways of working not only to meet customer specific requirement,  but also get their job done more easily, efficiently and economically.

Considering the application condition in developing country especially for those remote area, our product is designed to be easier for transportation and best price / performance ratio.

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