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In the world, there are  hundreds of player, who making the Drill Rigs from 1 century ago. However, along with marketing competition and technology upgrading, less 10 drill rigs suppliers are leading the drill rig industry developing. We will give short introduction on their great strength and hot products for these rig manufacturers  in below.


SANDVIK is top player for drilling rig for Mining and Water Well and Construction Drill Rigs. From working principle, there are Surface Drill Rigs, Underground Drill Rigs and Rotary Drills.

  • Surface drill rigs
    • Top Hammer Drill Rigs  DX700/DX800
    • DTH Drill Rigs DH350, DI550



  • Underground Drill Rigs(Jumbos)
    • Single Beam Rig
    • Double and Triple Drill Rigs


  • Rotary Drill Rigs
    • Rotary Blast hole and Water Well Drills


    Top 2 Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco’s range of surface crawlers raises the quality of rock drilling to a new level. Choose between hydraulic top-hammer, Atlas Copco’s patented COPROD® system, or down-the-hole drilling methods.

  • Top hammer drill rigs
    • FlexiROC T15 R 23 – 45 mm
    • PowerROC T30 / T30E 64 – 89 mm
    • FlexiROC T 35 64 – 115 mm
    • SmartROC T35 / T40 76 – 115 mm
    • FlexiROC T50 89 – 140 mm




  • Down the Hole Drill Rigs
    • FlexiROC D45 85 – 130 mm
    • PowerROC D40 85 – 130 mm


  • COPROD drill rigs
    • FlexiROC C65 105 – 189 mm


    Top 3 HARDROCK

    HARDROCK Heavy Industry is located in Shanghai, who is dedicated in designing and manufacturing the borehole drill rigs. HARDROCK Drill Rigs have been widely used in water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical, mine exploration, foundation drilling, geothermal drilling, etc.

  • Water Well and Exploration Drill Rigs



  • Foundation Drill Rigs
    • TL140/170/200


  • Mining Drill Rigs / Jumbos
  • TOP 4 Furukawa

    High-output compressors provide faster drilling. Low-emission engines decrease fuel consumption. Heavy-duty undercarriages ensure strength and durability. Reliable Furukawa rock drills provide the ultimate combination of performance and economy. Built tough.

  • Hydraulic top hammer rigs
    • HCR 910 DS 65 – 90 mm
    • ED II 89 – 127 mm HCR 1500
    • D20 II 89 – 127 mm
  • Down the Hole Drill Rig
    • DCR20 89 – 165 mm
  • Pneumatic rigs
    • PCR200 64 – 102 mm
    • DTH – PCR 102 – 125 mm
  • TOP 5 CAT

    Cat® hydraulic track drills and rock drills are efficiently designed to facilitate optimized drill performance and serviceability, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability our customers have come to expect.

  • MD5050 up to 102 mm HPR4519
  • MD5050T 102 mm HPR4519
  • Top 6 EVERDIGM

  • ECD35 / E 64 – 102 mm
  • ECD40 / E 64 – 102 mm
  • Above 6 top supplier have got significant reputation on drill rig industry. Both reliability and functionality are best in the world and are most trustable supplier for borehole drilling service company or operator.

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  • Acerca de hardrockdrills

    Shanghai Hardrock Drills Co.,Ltd is located in Shanghai, who is dedicated in designing and manufacturing the drilling rigs. The rigs have been widely used in water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing, mine exploration, foundation drilling, geothermal drilling, etc.

    Our drilling rigs are easy to set up, operate as well as maintain. And we always put the quality on the top. We use the 3-d software to design and FEA software for simulation to insure our products are strong enough, but not overdesigned to reduce cost.  Every individual component is inspected and each machine is tested carefully by our quality people before shipping to customer.

    Shanghai Hardrock Drills Co.,Ltd has a powerful technical force and fine equipment, it’s leading in the products design, workmanship and production capability, it’s capable to design, manufacture, and assure the quality of whole series of drilling rigs. The products are sold to over thirty countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Shanghai Hardrock Drills has been ISO9001 quality system and national CCC certification approved.

    We are dedicating to BUILD TRUST with customer and find new ways of working not only to meet customer specific requirement,  but also get their job done more easily, efficiently and economically.

    Considering the application condition in developing country especially for those remote area, our product is designed to be easier for transportation and best price / performance ratio.

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