Decorating a fashion house will do five things - For small apartment owners

Helenamriths - Wednesday, January 10, 2018.
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1, shop a natural rubber mattress

Reasons chosen: work during the day, the most to appreciate that to sleep well. Natural rubber mattresses, pillows, etc. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, they effectively reduce shoulder and back pain. In terms of health, you can also choose or change a mattress with antibacterial function. Of course, sanitation must also be cleaned up in a timely manner.

2, insert a new wallpaper

The choice of reasons: the wall is unpleasant to look naked, the paint is too much trouble, but not environmentally friendly. In fact, these problems are easily solved by simply gluing wallpapers on the wall, and not only cheap, but also unique. Wallpaper as environmentally friendly decorative materials in Europe and the US, Southeast Asia, South Korea and other places were quite popular. floor lamp with tray table

3, customized into the wall wardrobe

The main trends: wall cabinets have a history of ten years in Europe and the United States, are an integral part of the design of the house. At present, the trend of household consumption, the premise of decoration, for small sizes has become the wall wardrobe, but also saves space.

4, common green cabinet

Ecological point of view: for a small apartment, if you do not use a common closet, or your closet is not environmentally friendly, then your home design is not ideal, the built-in green wardrobe is the choice.

5, add the fashion screen

Important factors: if you still think that the screen is simply a luxury large-scale word related to a particular building, then your concept of the house is completely outdated. In fact, for an ordinary small apartment, the proper use of the screen to create a partition can create a sense of space and hierarchy. A chic screen, but also for the bedroom, to bring a different joy and vitality.

To small apartment owners who is repairing, are you collect it?

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