Why Do Employees Leave?

iBAN ONLINE - Friday, March 3, 2017.
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 Attrition. Why Do Employees Leave?

Since the beginning of time, attrition has been a concern in the workplace. Opportunity comes along and we decide to move on.  We have all had that great boss, or awesome co workers that we just didn’t want to part ways with, yet we left anyway. Why?

What are the causes of employees abandonment? Some managers believe that it’s usually a   pay increase or a shorter work day as the cause for the departure. Although these reasons may be true, its not the bottom line. An employee, who feels a sense of belonging and feels comfortable, needs more than a good salary to leave.

These are some of the reasons why:

  1. Heavy Work Load

It is very tempting to send the toughest projects to the best best employee. You want it done right and you want it done now.  This is understandable yet is causes other problems.  The chosen employee feels overwhelmed for just being good feels punished for doing their job.  Other employees feel as though management has a favorite and many concerns will arise once that gets around the office.

If management increases the amount of work, they should also increase they employees status within the company. Agreed? These high performers can assume heavy workloads but will not stay in the company if they are suffocated and their efficiency is not valued.

  1. Employee Regonition

Everyone likes to be recognized! Lets not underestimate the power of praise. In the workplace a liitle goes a long way. Team dinners, Performance Awards etc make us all feel good about our workplace. Managers should take time to get to know their employees and to find out what they like.  An employee who feels valued is more likely to stay.

  1. Poor Working Conditions

A large percentage of cases of employee resignations are due to poor working conditions. That uncomfortable feeling one has towards their coworkers or superiors. In time, this environment itself can cause an employee to leave.

Issues such as Violence in the Workplace, Harrasement etc. can truly place a cloud over what was once a very cheerful environment.  HR Departments have had to adapt to these issues and are conducting more training classes than ever before. Preventitive Maintaince by HR can be very helpful in assuring pleasant working conditions exist.

 Attrition. Why Do Employees Leave?

  1. Opportunities for Growth

Many people do not just look for a good paying job.  They look for growth and new challenges.  Repetition in the workplace can become stagnant and eventually boredom will set in. The workplace must challenge us and offer growth potential to keep us interested.

Instead of setting mundane and gradual goals, it is necessary to challenge employees. Management must raise the bar to keep employee out of their comfort zone. In doing so, the company can expect high achievers and a increase in productivity.

  1. Just Not a Team Player

 When management recruits new employees, it becomes a huge task.  The final decision is one that can affect the team going forward. Very seldom can we realize that the new candidate will be a bad fit for the team during the interview process. We stand to lose the trust and admiration of our entire staff by bringing 1 bad apple to the table. If not addressed immediately, we could lose our top performers.

  1. Acknowledging Our Creativity

Outstanding employees seek to improve everything they touch. Some of the best ideas in successful companies have come from one of their employees ideas.  Management in some companies tend to shy away from listening to their employees.  This can have a long lasting effect as that idea may wind up at another company.


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