Indus Valley Brings Forth A Brilliant Product With Licorice Powder For Skin

Indus valley - Saturday, December 23, 2017.
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New Delhi, 23rd December 2017: Indus Valley yet again strikes that cord of exceptional introduction with the launch of their latest addition that happens to be Licorice Powder for Skin. Striking for a revival of ancient Ayurveda with that of contemporary demands, Indus Valley leaves their exclusive mark with their range of amazing botanicals that also includes the new addition that has been introduced to cater to an array of skin care needs in the most natural manner.

Indus Valley is of the opinion that licorice root remains majorly unknown as an extremely beneficial powder that comes with an array of advantages for the skin. It is saponins, flavonoids, glycyrrhizin, and glycosides-glycyrrhizin acid that make for the primary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are found in licorice root that helps in investing this all natural root powder with medicinal properties. 

The Mulethi powder or licorice root powder makes for a completely chemical free herbal powder that contains no added chemicals, harsh metals or any other added synthetics or any other additives for the matter. This no-chemical essence causes no damage to the skin and that according to Indus Valley, makes it all the more beneficial. It can be used for skin whitening purposes that is to help get brighter and fairer complexion in the most natural manner. It shall help combat the excess oil secretions in case of oily skin in particular and in the process is to keep the related woes at bay. Not only shall this natural powder help yield skin fairness, but also Licorice Powder for Skin cater to a number of skin care issues like, it is to help do away with any kind of scars, blemishes, and marks that is sure to get clearer complexion in the said endeavor. It comes as a protecting powder that is to provide for the required protection against the skin damaging radicals like that of UV rays, pollutants etc. Mulethi powder for skin is to bring in an enhancement by adding that natural youth boost to the same while getting you softer, fairer and smoother skin in the said respect.

Indus Valley further added that this amazing product that they have to their credit is triple sifted which makes it micro fine in texture and therefore it makes for an easy to use the product that can be combined with any skin care recipe and shall not form lumps in the process.

 Indus Valley concludes with the opinion that they are providing for the best quality Organic Licorice Powder for Skin that is made from premium quality herbs and they are confident to earn the maximum of customer satisfaction with this excellent addition.


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Indus Valley” brand maintain the same spirit and inspired to use those ingredients to make beauty products which remind us those times. As you know the development has brought in multiple problems. There is pollution, usage of fertilizers and insecticides has polluted our earth and food with toxic and harmful chemicals. 

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