China's Pancreatic Kininogenase Market :Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2022 :Top keyplayers are Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma Co., Chengdu Tongde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Henan Livu Pharmacy Co.,

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The incidence of and the death rate from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are increasing in China with the development of economy, the change of lifestyle and the aging of the population. It is estimated that nearly 300 million people in China are suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The number of patients with stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure, pulmonary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease and hypertension amounts to 13 million, 11 million, 4.5 million, 5 million, 2.5 million, 2 million and 270 million respectively. With a higher death rate than tumors and other diseases, cardiovascular diseases account for more than 40% disease deaths in China. In particular, rural areas have seen higher death rate from cardiovascular diseases than urban areas in recent years. And the costs of hospitalization resulting from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also increasing sharply.


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Pancreatic Kininogenase can be used to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as primary hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, retinal vascular disorder and peripheral vascular disease. Recent studies have found that Pancreatic Kininogenase can also be used to prevent diabetic microangiopathy and early diabetic nephropathy by reducing the discharge of urinary albumin. In addition, Pancreatic Kininogenase can increase the activity and production of sperms, and thus has certain curative effect on male infertility, according to domestic clinical data.

In 1999, Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma Co., Ltd.'s Pancreatic Kininogenase was first launched in China, followed by the counterparts of Chengdu Tongde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Henan Livu Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Livzon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc. At present, there are seven Pancreatic Kininogenase manufacturers in China. Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma Co., Ltd.'s Pancreatic Kininogenase (trade name: Yikai) takes up about 90% market share by sales value.

It is expected that as the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases continues to increase, China's Pancreatic Kininogenase market will still have some growth potential in the next few years.

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Topics Covered:

- Situation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China
- Status of China's Pancreatic Kininogenase market
- Competition on China's Pancreatic Kininogenase market
- Factors influencing the development of China's Pancreatic Kininogenase market
- Prospect of China's Pancreatic Kininogenase market


Table of Contents

1 Relevant Concepts of Pancreatic Kininogenase
1.1 Indications for Pancreatic Kininogenase
1.2 Development of Pancreatic Kininogenase in China
1.3 Government Approval of Pancreatic Kininogenase in China

2 Sales of Pancreatic Kininogenase in China, 2013-2017
2.1 Sales Value of Pancreatic Kininogenase
2.1.1 Overall Sales Value
2.1.2 Sales Value by Region
2.2 Sales Volume of Pancreatic Kininogenase
2.2.1 Overall Sales Volume
2.2.2 Sales Volume by Region
2.3 Sales of Pancreatic Kininogenase by Dosage Form in China, 2013-2017
2.3.1 Pancreatic Kininogenase Injections
2.3.2 Pancreatic Kininogenase Tablets


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