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We have all played with some bobbleheads in our childhood. Some of us have these collectible toys in our offices, cars and other locations. Bobbleheads are fun, interesting and highly decorative too. We have seen bobbleheads in the form of television stars, movie icons, sports-people and famous historical figures too. Have you ever wanted to have a bobblehead of someone you love or even yourself? Thanks to technological innovation and the Internet, now you can. There are online companies that manufacture Custom bobbleheads which are customized to look like any figure you desire. It could be you, your partner, a member of of your family or even a friend. You can even have a custom bobblehead of your pet. Read on to learn about it.

Sexiest man bobblehead with curly hairSexiest man bobblehead with curly hair$82.09

How are custom bobbleheads made?


To get a custom bobblehead, the first step is to take a close up photo of the face that you intend to have depicted in the bobblehead. After that, you can upload this picture to the custom bobblehead company that you want to buy from. They normally provide a collection of body types for you to pick from too. Examples of these are work, professional, sporty, fashionable, traditional, wedding, group and kids body types.


Pick a body type for your custom bobblehead. Once you do this, place your order and the custom bobblehead which you want will be made for you. The company will inform you through your email address about the progress on your order. Once it is completed, you will be required to make payment and the bobblehead will be delivered to you.

Little girl bobblehead with Plaid Shirt and big smileLittle girl bobblehead with Plaid Shirt and big smile$82.09

Some companies normally offer free shipping on custom bobbleheads. it is important to inquire about this. you could enjoy this service based on specific requirements such as your location or the number of bobbleheads that you have ordered.

Acerca de likenessme

We are different from 95% of sellers out there. Starting from 2008, we always to make sure to use POLYMER CLAY and 100% hand made, without using and premade mould and paint. We rely heavily on human rather than machine when are handcraft our products. Every one of our sculptors have unique skills. That's why retaining experience sculptors is one of the most important ways to maintain our product's overall quality. Over the years, we have developed many incentives to make sure our sculptors will stay with us and love what they are doing. Many other sellers choose to use Resin Plastic plus machine made mould because they do not have any experienced sculptors. Using Resin Plastic and mould rely most on machines rather than human, and Resin Plastic is abut 25% cheaper than using POLYMER CLAY. By using POLYMER CLAY, it's almost impossible to make two identical dolls, since without mould, it all relies on human hands and experience. Resin Plastic can be used to make very complex colors, but not in case of POLYMER CLAY. POLYMER CLAY have certain colors in nature and can not be painted with complex color. This is why Resin Plastic can be easily repaint, but for POLYMER CLAY to change color, it needs to be complete redo. 

We believe for our customers the final products are the most important. Resin Plastic dolls will look darker in color, compare to POLYMER CLAY dolls, which are brighter in color, smoother in touch and much better quality in details. You can tell it's completely handmade by looking at the edge and some trace of fingerprints. We believe our customers deserve a 100% custom hand made product, rather than some low quality massed produced product. We will only use Resin Plastic and paint if requested by customer and get specific permission doing so. 

Unlimited proofing process until complete satisfaction. 
We always offer the sample proofing service for free, just in order to ensure the highest likeness and satisfactory from you guys. During the proofing process, you can put whatever occur to your mind into the creation of your bobble head along with our sculptor, there will have no limitation in communication and modification, until you satisfy. 

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