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Marbella Solicitors - Wednesday, April 4, 2018.
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We want to make your life easier in relation to translated business documents or personal documents.  We ensure a translation reads as naturally as the original document. We are property lawyer marbella, so we are specialized in handling different types of tax and legal documents. Besides we have worked with documents from different fields of law such as insurance claim axarquia, company law, litigation document, taxes mijas documents.

A lot of people from other countries come to Spain to live in their homes full year or some months. Within this time they can live several situations where they need a lawyer and their documents are in other language (not Spanish). In case you need to show documentation in a public agency we also provide translations of documents in other languages. Our firm has a great team who work each one in different languages, we offer:

  • We work with all types of documents.
  • Several languages.
  • We said that we are specialist in legal and tax contents but we can also work with documents of marketing, technical, etc.

We guarantee that the translation reads it will be as the original; we follow the terminology, styles and images; the translation is delivered on time and absolute confidentiality and security of the documents.

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