How to Install a Flip Down DVD

Naviskauto technology - Friday, March 31, 2017.
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How to Install a Flip Down DVD




Flip-down DVD players can be installed into any vehicle, but they work especially well in large vehicles with high ceilings like vans and SUVs. They aren't easy to install, though. You need to make sure the player mounts securely onto the ceiling and the wires are safely routed to their connection points. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Things You'll Need


Adhesive remover

Plastic, wood or metal sheet

Adhesive spray


Flip-down DVD player kit

Wire crimping/cutting tool

Feel the ceiling of the vehicle you are installing the DVD into. Check for a sheet of metal fastened to the headboard that you can mount the player onto. Skip to Step 3 if such a sheet exists.


Peel away the upholstery to the ceiling if there is no metal sheet with the headboard, cutting it with a knife if needed. If the upholstery won't peel back easily, spray it with an adhesive remover spray. Insert a solid metal, plastic or wood sheet into the ceiling headboard. Glue the fabric onto the sheet with an adhesive spray.


Mount the DVD player onto the ceiling through the headboard sheet. Use all mounting screws that come with the player and double-check the kit's assembly instructions on exactly how the screws fit. Many players will have the screws already installed into the mount.


Route the wires for the player along the ceiling, through the door trim and possibly under the seat so each wire can reach its needed destination. The wiring can vary, but in most cases, the red wire needs to head for the steering column, the yellow wire goes to the car battery and the black to the chassis. Crimp and remove the insulation on the wires' leads.


Connect each of the wire leads to their correct source; unplug the car battery's negative cable before you do so. The red wire is inserted into the wiring harness on the starter. Connect the yellow wire to the battery by inserting it under the positive terminal's clamp. Locate a screw on a solid metal ground somewhere on the vehicle and secure the black wire under it.


Tips & Warnings


Keep the red and yellow wires as far apart from each other as possible. This will help prevent static over the player's sound.

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