How to Install Headrest Monitors

Naviskauto technology - Friday, March 31, 2017.
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Installing headrest monitors into your car is a straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of hours, if done correctly. Headrest monitors in cars allows backseat passengers to enjoy audio and video content while the car is in motion. The headrest monitors are especially handy when you have young children in the backseat on a regular basis. While it may sound like a difficult process, it is actually quite simple with the proper instructions.

Use the monitor's bracket and trace the outline of the bracket on the back of the headrest that the monitor will be installed on. Grab a razor blade and slowly cut a small "X" in the middle of the trace marks that were just drawn. Slide the plastic bracket inside the "X" slit.


Rip at the small "X" until it reaches the perimeter of the plastic bracket. Slide the video cables into the hole and use your hands to guide them down the side of the seat. Attach the red and white audio cables to the back of the monitor in their corresponding locations. Press the monitor firmly in place against the bracket to put the monitor in place.


Use your knife to make a small slit along the bottom of the seat and pull the video wires through the hole. Run the wires down underneath the carpet and up to the head unit. Pull the head unit out of place by grabbing firmly on both ends and pulling until you hear a clicking sound. Slowly bring the unit out and rest it on the center console.


Connect the audio and video output wires to the back of the head unit in the corresponding spots (they are marked by red, yellow and white A/V holes on the back of the unit). Wrap each wire with electrical tape to ensure that they do not fall out of place while the vehicle is in motion. Put the head unit back in place by pushing it back until you hear a clicking sound.


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