The Global Maritime Industry Faces Five Critical Issues - It's Time to Think Big, says Dynama

Pr artistry - Friday, December 8, 2017.
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Donald Anderson, senior advisor at Dynama outlines the five major benefits of deploying an integrated crewing solution to support the future of shipping


London, UK, December 08, 2017 - According to IHS Markit[i], there are five critical issues influencing the investor landscape in the global shipping industry today: (1) Vessel supply (the number of new build ship orders is falling, leading to the collapse of shipyards), (2) A shortage of high quality seafarers, (3) Managing change during a time of corporate realignment including merger and acquisition activity, (4) Corruption and (5) Trade policy uncertainty across the globe.  It's a scary situation because without investment, the industry and all who work in it will suffer and ultimately witness a decline in opportunities.


At Dynama we believe the first step in weathering these potential storms is getting your own ship in order by keeping track of your fleet and crew members, then by staying in touch on-and-offshore.  However, have you ever thought about what impact this has on the serious issues affecting the worldwide maritime industry?


Technology is a great enabler and if it can help support your own business, why not the industry as a whole?  Here are five very good reasons why deploying an integrated crewing solution can create a culture of discipline and best-practice that ultimately has wide-reaching and positive consequences for the global maritime industry of the future.


Discipline begins with improved connectivity and clear visibility - harnessing the power of modern technology and communications promotes high levels of discipline including consistent, high performing behaviors that lower costs and maximizes profits. Good communication can make all the difference.  Take advantage of one central solution that connects with HR and project management systems on-and-offshore to provide an accurate picture of crew movements, staff and contractors, at any time. 


Upskill your crew - the BIMCO/International Chamber of Shipping Manpower identified a staggering need for an additional 147,000 officers by 2025 to service the world's merchant fleet.[ii]  Therefore, it pays to look globally when hiring staff, making the ability to use technology to take a global view of crew optimization and resourcing essential. The sophisticated functionality of workforce optimization (WFO) solutions makes sure crew are always in the right place at the right time and that information is exchanged between on-and-offshore staff.  WFO should be considered a strategic training tool that maximizes your human capital, facilitating  training programs and ensuring the relevant levels of experience to pilot a vessel.


Be in control to weather uncertainty - modern cloud-based solutions put ship owners and vessel managers in complete control of their fleet by providing easy but secure access to dynamic online data.  By bringing information together into one place, including people assignment and deployment, staff qualifications and competencies, regulatory compliance, travel plans and documentation it is possible to reduce duplicated effort, the administration burden and staff costs. Furthermore, the latest WFO solutions have unique timeline management capabilities that can analyze current resource competences and model for future requirements.


Be safe - modern software-as-as-service (SaaS) resource planning tools can be securely tailored for use by masters, shore side planners and managers to offer a single version of the truth and remove security issues from multiple spreadsheets and/or a number of different management information systems. 


Compliance at all times - changes made to the crew list, by the vessel, are automatically notified to shore.  This joined up approach to planning and scheduling gives everyone the confidence that vessels and projects are properly manned, will pass audit and are in full compliance with the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watching for Seafarers) and the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulations. This keeps crew members safe and avoids penalties for non-compliance with industry legislation.


Today's simple-to-use and easy to install WFM and resource optimization solutions are designed to improve efficiency, compliance and safety that supports not just one vessel but the industry as a whole.  It pays to think big!  For more information, visit


[i] IHS Markit report entitled "The Maritime World in 2017"


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