Heavenly Carpet is a brand of Zhengzhou Feitian Trading Co., Ltd. Heavenly artisan rugs come from Nanyang, the historical and cultural city in the southwestern part of Henan Province, which borders the provinces of Henan, Hubei, Hubei and Shaanxi. It has a history of 3,000 years and is the birthplace of Chu-Han culture. It is one of the sources of the ancient Silk Road. Nanyang is outstanding and talented. It not only bred Zhang Heng, “Meisheng”, Zhang Zhongjing, “Shangsheng” Fan Yi and “Zhisheng” Zhuge Liang, but also gave birth to the “craftsmen” of Tianjian. The craftsmen of the heavenly craftsmen have been silently passing on the art of crafting carpets from their ancestors. Under the call of reform and opening up, the Tianmao Carpet Factory was formally established in 1987. Through hard work, Tianmao Carpet became a foreign trade export processing base in Henan Province in 1990. After continuous innovation and reform, the craftsmen of Tianmao took the lead in developing 1,000 pieces in 1997. Road handmade silk tapestry, won the national technology award; in 2001 Tianmao obtained the right to operate import and export; In 2008, Tianmao customized 30x50 feet of the world's largest hand-made silk carpet for the Presidential Palace of Kazakhstan, which was completed by eight craftsmen for three years. Completion....... Tian Tian Carpet has been in existence for more than 30 years since its establishment. The “Sky Craftsman” handmade silk carpet produced is sold to the international market. The products are spread into the European court, serve the wealthy merchants in Dubai, the upper layers of the United States, and the Australian millionaires... Rolls-Royce in the carpet. 80% of handcrafted silk carpets on the Turkish market come from “Skysmiths”, and 50% of handcrafted silk carpets on the Iranian market originate from “The Craftsman”. The "Stone Craftsman" carpet is full of excellent craftsmanship and noble and elegant quality of life. The Craftsman Carpet only makes a blanket in his life and the rugs have been passed down from hand to hand for thousands of years.

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