Different Reasons Why Dentists Choose Suctions

Tianqiong - Wednesday, August 9, 2017.
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Helping people improve their oral health is positively fulfilling, but it’s impossible to accomplish this without the right equipment. When it comes to dental equipment sales, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to best serve your patients. Dentists will choose the best dental equipment to do practice to make it much good. Then let's talk about why dentists choose portable dental suction.

1. For Patient Comfort
Keeping the patient comfortable is a high priority. We suction after giving anesthetic because the anesthetic has a bitter taste, and most patients prefer to rinse out with water and use the saliva ejector.  Also, if the anesthetic sits in the back of your mouth for too long, it may start to slightly numb the back of your mouth and could give the patient a gagging sensation.

2. To Keep the Tooth Dry
During some procedures, such as white fillings, it is important that the tooth stay clean and dry.  The suction helps keep the tooth dry by sucking away any saliva, blood, and water that may have accumulated around the tooth.  If the cavity went below the gum-line, then it’s pretty likely that the gums will bleed during the filling.

3. To Clean Away Any Excess Dental Materials
When a dental hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth, you can get a lot of cleaning paste in your mouth.  We use the suction to help clean all of that away.  Also, when dentists are do amalgam fillings, pieces of the soft amalgam can sometimes fall away from the tooth surface.  We use the suction to help whisk them away.

4. To Help the Dentist See
The drill that dentists use to do fillings sprays out a lot of water to keep the tooth cool and clean.  Unfortunately, that water can quickly build up in the mouth and get on the dental mirror.  In order to ensure that the dentist can see the tooth while working on it, it’s necessary to use the high volume suction to suck away all of that debris.

Original source: https://www.oyodental.com/Different-Reasons-Why-Dentists-Choose-Suctions

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