How to Use Dental Intraoral Camera in a Effective Way

Tianqiong - Monday, October 31, 2016.
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We understand that the doctors we work with desire and, quite frankly, count on our codiagnosis during recall visits, especially regarding restorative needs. In fact, patients will often turn to us, after the doctor has left the room and ask, "Do I really need that crown?"

Using an dental intraoral camera, in my opinion, is the most expedient and effective way to help a patient visualize his or her problem and understand the treatment needs. Over the last decade, I have evaluated and used many intraoral cameras. The SoproCare by Acteon, designed specifically for dental hygienists, is at the top of my list.

Described by the manufacturer as "The Revelation," the SoproCare intraoral camera uses state-of-the-art photonics technologies or auto-fluorescence to illuminate hard and soft tissues with a specific wavelength of light between 440 and 680 nm. The exposed tissue absorbs the energy and reflects it in fluorescent form, similar to that of fluorescing oral cancer devices.

In Perio mode, the wavelength emitted by the LED curing lights highlights the different tissues represented by chromatic mapping. In other words, gingival inflammation will appear in shades of pink to deep magenta; new plaque will appear white and grainy, and old plaque in shades of yellow and orange.

In Cario mode, active lesions are clearly revealed by the bright red color while the rest of the image is displayed in black and white, providing a huge contrast between healthy and unhealthy enamel and dentin.

In Daylight mode, macrovision provides magnification of up to 100 times, allowing the patient and clinician to see what is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This feature allows close monitoring of microfractures and cracks from visit to visit.

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