The Different Colors and Types of Authentic Jade Yoni Eggs

Yoniegg - Monday, November 21, 2016.
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Jade has been cherished for thousands of years. It’s considered pure and enduring enough to inspire the wearer’s highest spiritual aspirations, yet sensuous and luxurious enough to satisfy down-to-earth cravings. Asian consumers have never lost their fascination for jade, and today, non-Asian buyers are drawn to jade as never before. All are attracted by its rich heritage as much as by its beauty, durability, and rarity.


There are many fake Jade's sold throughout the world and not a lot of people even know the difference between authentic and fake Jade!


Jade is one of my favorite yoni eggs to work with because of it's gentle yet powerful metaphysical properties. I see a lot of fake Jade Eggs being sold through out the internet and can't help but feel sad for the women who buy these knock offs. They are being robbed of the ancient healing energies of Jade and sadly are missing out on the full scope of power Jade offers.

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Acerca de Yoniegg

Yoni egg is the beautiful name that is given to these precious stones, that is well polished and carved like an egg. Yoni eggs are suited to be worn in the woman vagina; this practice started five hundred years ago in China, where the stones were used to get sexual power and awaken sensuality. They also depended on the stone for maintaining their amazing health status in the old days.

This stone was only used for the select few in the parts of China, but over the years many people have started seeing its importance. In a more simple term, the word yoni means a sacred place. The stone is being adapted by many people due to the many benefits that it brings.

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